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In the Kana-doodler, Ginger Kanadoo blogs from the trenches of Squamskootnocket, New York's white hot real estate market. Here is where you can "Ask Ginger!" about everything from hiding dry rot to explaining the difference between ingress, egress and egrets after a few glasses of Open House Chardonnay!

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The Truth vs Real Estate

Max basically taught me everything I know about real estate. When to lie, when to hint at the truth, when to take a long walk around the truth and kind of back into it, and finally, when to actually tell the truth if she can still recognize it from 30 yards. These are all very subtle nuances of the real estate profession that take decades to really fine tune. Max is so good she almost has a sixth sense about real estate: which buyers are going to really buy, which one’s are lookie loos, which sellers are just testing the market, which ones are going to be a major soul-sucking pain in her butt. It’s remarkable!


Anyway, I have to congratulate Max on her second hip replacement, which went without a hitch this past week. She’s really looking forward to climbing stairs again, and getting back to selling something other than slab ranches and land! Go Max!


Comment from Giulietta
Time: May 1, 2008, 10:55 am

How do you deal with other Squam** real estate agents when you show them houses. Can they tell when you are lying and vice versa? Are all RE agents easy to read if they are being read by other RE agents?


Comment from Ginger
Time: May 1, 2008, 7:42 pm

Hi Giulietta:
Your questions are good ones. Realtors can read each other like wide open flapping books in extra-large boomer print. We’ve been elaborating, exaggerating, couching, glossing over, omitting, fluffing up, minimizing, and contorting things for so long we actually don’t even know we’re doing it any more, and frankly we look to our peers to say “Ginger, you are so full of b.s. it’s coming out your ears. You couldn’t fit a table for 6 in that dining room if you blew the walls out into the yard next door.” That kind of comment just brings us back down to earth and makes us go hmmm, maybe my enthusiasm for this house is getting the better of me.

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