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In the Kana-doodler, Ginger Kanadoo blogs from the trenches of Squamskootnocket, New York's white hot real estate market. Here is where you can "Ask Ginger!" about everything from hiding dry rot to explaining the difference between ingress, egress and egrets after a few glasses of Open House Chardonnay!

If you love reading Ginger's blog, don't miss her further adventures in Cracks in the Foundation, available in August, 2008.

Staging Secrets of the Stars: Remove All Dead Bodies Before Showings!

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St. Joseph

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My Distinctive Voice

Just press play, as the kids say…

God I miss Sanjaya, don’t you?

Here’s me after a couple glasses of blush…like a holy person!

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The Mount

 The Mount, Edith Wharton’s home, is in danger of foreclosure! Is nothing sacred? Tune me in for answers…


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How’s the Market??

I’m feeling a little cranky but listen up anyway!


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The Joy of Yard Sales


Listen to my podcast, ya silly!

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Robert Mondavi - Bottoms Up!


I have to thank him for putting wine on the tables of America and pink zin in my glass every night! RIP, my friend.

How to be a Realtor, Or Just Look Like One

So many people ask me how they can get my “look.” Well, let me tell you I do have my secrets!:)  One is: once you find a hairstyle and clothing that work for you, NEVER, EVER CHANGE! I mean, why? A trend is a trend, a passing whim, so why should you be a victim of that? Choose your style and HOLD ONTO IT FOREVER!


Take it from me: I’ve had the SAME HAIRSTYLE for about 30 years now. I think it’s part of what makes Ginger, Ginger, know what I mean?


So just relax, nobody has a lock on style, you can get “the look” too. Just hit the Career Wear section of the Dress Barn and you’re set for life!


Plus there’s always a kickass sales rack…

Hey, check out my FIRST PODCAST!! Just click on the link below…



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Ginger Kanadoo and Hilary Clinton: Separated at Birth?

People have told me that I look uncannily like the Hilster. At first I was a bit upset - - I mean, we all like to feel completely original on this earth, right? Then I realized: this is pure real estate GOLD! The last three houses I’ve sold have been to buyers who ACTUALLY BELIEVE I AM HILARY CLINTON! They’re all kinda scared of me and pretty much just sign on the dotted line. It’s fabulous! I’m workin’ it!

The Truth vs Real Estate

Max basically taught me everything I know about real estate. When to lie, when to hint at the truth, when to take a long walk around the truth and kind of back into it, and finally, when to actually tell the truth if she can still recognize it from 30 yards. These are all very subtle nuances of the real estate profession that take decades to really fine tune. Max is so good she almost has a sixth sense about real estate: which buyers are going to really buy, which one’s are lookie loos, which sellers are just testing the market, which ones are going to be a major soul-sucking pain in her butt. It’s remarkable!


Anyway, I have to congratulate Max on her second hip replacement, which went without a hitch this past week. She’s really looking forward to climbing stairs again, and getting back to selling something other than slab ranches and land! Go Max!