Cracks in the Foundation

It's desperation time for Ginger Kanadoo of Kanadoo Realtors (Company Motto: "We'll Put Your Ass in a Home!")

After 39 years of digging for paydirt in Squamskootnocket, New York's famously feeble real estate market, Ginger has again struck...dirt. Her newest listing? A "starter" outhouse with water views of weed- choked Squamskootnocket Lake. With no closings in a year and the wolf at the door, Ginger will stop at nothing to seal a deal — she'll even team up with her 93-year-old Aunt Maxie Kanadoo ("the World's Oldest Living Realtor!") Meanwhile, Ginger's own badass, newly Wiccan daughter Harvest is eager to pitch in with a naked rite or two. Then there's Tandy Brickenhausen, the cleavage- wielding rival out to poach every listing in the greater Squamskootnocket Valley.

Will the outhouse find a buyer? Will Harvest's potions conjure a sale, or wake the dead? Will "the World's Oldest Living Realtor" retain her coveted title? Will somebody let the air out of Tandy's bra?

Cracks in the Foundation is a hilarious, dead-on send-up of the wild wild world of real estate, small towns, white zinfandel, black magic, outhouses and the American Dream.

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